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Datas offers security consulting and cybersecurity services for government entities, healthcare companies, law firms, financial institutions, insurance companies, NGOs and others.

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Protect Your Organization Against Cyber Threats

No matter where you are, every business is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Modern-day hackers are equipped with sophisticated tools and techniques to breach your system’s security to get access to all your business data.

DATAS offers classic black-box penetration tests (zero-knowledge) as well as white-box tests. DATAS penetration assessment will help determine the weaknesses in networks, computer systems, applications and your employees. Unlike other companies who focus on assembly line assessments, we take a unique approach to deliver high quality pen test reports.


We provide consultancy services and help to implement new security concepts inside your organization in order to secure all technical, organizational and personnel processes. Effective security management solutions for companies of all sizes and in all industries: whether SME, start-up or corporate group – our team with diverse backgrounds and skills will adapt our services to your individual or organization-specific needs.


DATAS delivers a range of cybersecurity and other security related training courses that range from a single, intense day to a full five day week. Trainings are available in Luxembourgish, French, German and English language and are carried out by one, two or even three members of the team depending on the number of participants.


We focus on long-term relationships. Get a free consultation with our cybersecurity experts.